Hi, I'm Samuel (Sam)

Rust.  Grundgy Rust.  Dirty Rust.  Rust Rust Rust.  That's right, I love rusty things.

My items are handmade and very unique so no one item is exactly the same. I usually work with tin as it is very flexible and rusts really easy. 

My products have been used for peoples own crafts or have been uses 'as is'. 

I grew up with a 'junk yard' right next to my house.  My brother and I, almost every weekend, would go exploring over there.  I loved to bring home some of my treasures.  I remember my mother yelling across the field, "Sammy, don't bring any junk home".

But my treasures were never junk.  They were a million stories. 

I consider my work primitive.  If you like primitive things, I'm sure you will like my work.

I sell at craft shops.  So be sure to say hi.  Ill be with all the rusty treasures. 

I am an attendee in a small meeting house in New England which I have been going for about 3 years now.

Primitive Small Metal Heart Ornament

$ 4.00 USD


Rusty Candle Holder

$ 12.00 USD


Rusty Tin Railroad Lantern

$ 22.00 USD


Primtive Rusty Star Cutout

$ 3.00 USD


Metal Wall Sconce

$ 11.00 USD


Primitive Small Metal Crow Ornament Pin

$ 4.00 USD


Primitive Country Rusted Metal Towel Bar

$ 18.00 USD


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