Hi,  I'm Sarah.  I have always loved being creative.  I started sewing when I was very young, my grandmother taught me.  We would spend hours together just talking, sewing and drinking lemonade.   She loved to sew dolls.  One which she made me when I was a little girl, which I still have it today.

Since my grandmothers passing, I have developed a very strong passion for creating my own dolls.  Every doll that I make, has taken me back to a special time. 

I hope you enjoy them, as much as I have enjoyed making them.

You can usually find me at some some craft market in the New England area. I love meeting new people so make sure you stop by and say hello.  Oh, the fresh lemonade is on me.

I am a plain Quaker and go to an unprogrammed meeting in New England.  I actually was born and raised catholic but due to my own personal struggles, I was seeking a new path in my life.  I have been a Quaker for almost 25 yrs now.  I strive everyday to keep to the path that God has chosen has for me and being plain is what God's path for me.  

Muslin Angel Doll Holding a Blue Star

$ 26.00 USD


Muslin Angel Doll Holding a Red Star

$ 26.00 USD


Muslin Angel Doll Holding a cane

$ 28.00 USD


little Muslin Angel Doll Holding a star

$ 19.00 USD


Primitive America Pillow

$ 4.00 USD


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